eNation – the global electronic nation – builds and manages global data centers to host online operations.  Failsafe switchovers between locations to ensure 100% up-time regardless of local conditions, proactive load balancing to give your clients maximum speed, and state-of-the-art security mean you can concentrate on taking care of your business, not on running a computer server operation.

Why eNation for your Hosting Needs?
  • Fast, Reliable, and Scaleable 
  • A new state-of-the art facility in North America with sufficient space to enable the servicing of thousands of servers 
  • Multiple global data center locations for failsafe switchovers
  • 100% uptime
  • Unlimited and redundant bandwidth; fast network for worldwide access 
  • Worldwide offering at high speeds through peering arrangements
  • Stable electrical supply – always on
  • Network management and bottleneck management
  • Hardware planning, management and provisioning available
  • Speedy access to restoration – current and historical data – full transaction access management
  • Multi-site data mirroring with full disaster recovery capabilities
  • Protection from denial of service and other access interruptions
  • Multi-sites to handle expansion, government ideology changes, weather emergencies, power emergencies, denial of service and other access impediments


  • Superb legal and regulatory interference protection, able to provide better service than Caribbean hosting companies and more peace of mind than hosting facilities operated in Russia and other jurisdictions with less free enterprise and more government intervention intentions.
  • Stable geo-political and environmental climate, for increased server and network reliability.Full internal and perimeter security (cameras, guards ….)
  • Full disaster recovery capability – tape backups, data mirroring, workspace
  • On-site facilities for working staff, and emergency workspace for clients
  • Secure historical storage (e.g. tape backup of transactions and major event wins for several years)
  • Bonded employees
  • Secure ePayments management 


  • Failsafe crossover to multiple locations 
  • Direct flights from worldwide locations
  • Test and production environments for managing upgrades and growth
  • Software version management
  • 24x7x365 Data center help desk for eNation clients
  • Scheduled in-house data center visits for software upgrades, client training and knowledge transfer
  • End-to-end hardware provisioning
  • Access to large, skilled workforce  

eNation Corporation has contracted to provide management and other operational services to Alexander First Nation (“AFN”) and Alexander Internet Technologies (“AIT”), a Band Empowered Entity created by AFN.  AFN is a First Nation people in Alberta, Canada and maintains a sovereign nation status, claiming inherent jurisdiction and an inherent right of self-government over their lands, laws and people. 

eNation will effectively provide consultative services and operational capability to AIT.  International customers will be able to co-locate servers for full backup and redundancy.

2007-03-15 - eNATION CORPORATION™ named one of Canada’s Top Up and Comer Technology Companies

2008-09-03 - eNation Corporation Honored by Computerworld as Green Data Center

2008-07-14 - Sole Canadian Hosted Data Center to Receive 2008 Green Enterprise IT Award Honorable Mention

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