Server Monitoring
Web server monitoring provides critical server health metrics and alerts users if performance thresholds are exceeded or connectivity errors are experienced. Server metrics measured by our web server monitoring service include CPU, memory, and disk space utilization, with the ability to monitor up to ten disks per server. eNations monitors any type of web server, including web  application and database servers. Web server monitoring includes performance monitoring, notification and reporting features.  

Key Features  
External Web Server Monitoring - monitors critical web server metrics that affect performance up to every five minutes.  

Web Server Alerts/Notification - generates real-time alerts based on user-defined thresholds. With multiple alert escalation levels, eNation lets users control up to three contact groups designated to receive alerts based on the type and duration of error detected. This feature also supports alternate-alerting methodologies based on user-defined preferences.  

Web Server Performance Reporting - scheduled or ad-hoc HTML/Flash-based reporting to graph web server health metrics, including CPU, memory, swap and disk utilization.  

Key Benefits

  • Provides a complete view of web server performance, helping isolate system failures 
  • Increases web server/system uptime
  • Simplifies resolution to web server performance problems
  • Minimize IT costs

eNation’s broad portfolio of Managed Services delivers multiple options to meet your business needs.    

Load Balancing

Load balancing distributes traffic efficiently among network servers so that no individual server is overburdened.

eNation automatically monitors your application loads, rebalances the servers, and plans for growth as appropriate.  Load balancing is especially important for networks where it's difficult to predict the number of requests that will be issued to a server.  If one server starts to get swamped, requests are forwarded to another server with more capacity.   Load balancing can determine which of the servers in a cluster is currently the "least worked". As traffic increases, additional servers can be added to the cluster.

It’s often best to create clusters or farms of servers rather than proceed to more powerful hardware. eNation leverages its knowledge of LAN networking, IP, DNS and session management to design and implement high performance, load balancing solutions to complement 'N' Tier architectures of varying complexity.

What happens if one of those servers fail? This is no longer a disaster, as load balancing can also provide high availability by automatically detecting the failure of a server and redirecting user activity among the remaining servers within seconds. Once the server is responsive, it can again share in the work load. eNation makes sure your users will be provided with continuous service, never knowing about a server failure should it happen. In the same manner, load balancing allow system administrators to take down servers and perform system maintenance without interruption of services.

eNation’s broad portfolio of Managed Services delivers multiple options to meet your business needs.

eNation – the global electronic nation – builds and manages global data centers to host online operations.  Failsafe switchovers between locations to ensure 100% up-time regardless of local conditions, proactive load balancing to give your clients maximum speed, and state-of-the-art security mean you can concentrate on taking care of your business, not on running a computer server operation.

2007-03-15 - eNATION CORPORATION™ named one of Canada’s Top Up and Comer Technology Companies

2008-09-03 - eNation Corporation Honored by Computerworld as Green Data Center

2008-07-14 - Sole Canadian Hosted Data Center to Receive 2008 Green Enterprise IT Award Honorable Mention

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