eNation Data Centers are designed with the following features:

Security & Access

The facility is insured by Microchip badge access entrances, biometric scanning devices, overhead cameras monitored by security personnel and motion/heat detection devices. In addition to physical security, the security of the network transmissions is of the utmost importance. We have matched this priority with heavy investments in network security designed to override service interruptions due to accidental or hacking incidents.


Each facility has the capacity to house over 500 Server racks, and the ability to manage over 15,000 servers. Every data center has at least two Gigs of available Internet connectivity delivered to its data centers via diverse entry facilities, provided by two separate Local Loop providers, and connected to multiple, tier 1 IP Transit Backbone Providers.

Backup & Disaster Recovery
Our managed backup solutions are 100 percent maintained by professional backup administrators - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Clients are protected against risks associated with system changes, catastrophic server failure and other controlled or uncontrolled events.

 Network Operations Center (NOC)
Our facilities utilize "state-of-the-art" hardware and software. Total network utilization is carefully monitored to ensure there is always more then a 2-to-1 ratio of available bandwidth to peak bandwidth. The NOC has been designed to reduce physical stress and staff requirements by operating in "lights-out" mode. This is extremely important as it allows us to maximize resource usage and to provide an environment of increased efficiency.

Our state-of-the-art Data Center Network is comprised entirely of carrier-class Network hardware, featuring redundancy at all layers. At the hardware layer multiple routers and switches are configured in parallel with dynamic routing and switching to ensure automated fail-over during hardware, software or link failure. Each of our data centers will be located directly on multiple diverse fiber rings, and be redundantly connected to IP carriers by two separate local providers. BGP4 is used in conjunction with the RouteScience PathControl system providing automated real-time (sub-second), best path route adjustment to ensure that traffic is delivered to the best provider.

Gigabit Fibre Cabling
Our multiple Gigabit Ethernet connections to the Internet travel via diverse entries, diverse paths, and diverse POPs to at least three leading IP transit carriers.

Managed Services
eNation is committed to giving our clients the level of support their customers require. We offer a full range of support options - from complete management to maintenance, to simple patches. We understand that each customer has unique needs, so we provide options that allow the end user to choose the level of support they want. End-Users can gain control over their costs while benefiting from the knowledge of our expert staff where and when they need it.

General Services Provided

Specific services/capabilities include
Additional Consulting Services
These are value-added services to help improve your ability to manage, maintain, monitor and capitalize upon co-location access including:
Site Features Include:

International Data Center Locations

The Alexander First Nation is home to eNationís world-class co-location server park. Located 20 minutes from downtown Edmonton, eNation offers the advantages of doing business in a major North American metropolitan market, in collaboration with a stable and progressive aboriginal community and its government - the Chief and Council of Alexander First Nation.

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