At eNation Corporation, we work closely with municipal, provincial, and federal government departments to ensure their technology solutions support their leadership goals.  Safe, secure hosting is provided in environmentally friendly Green facilities, offering the latest in highly available, high performance computing, with always-on access.  Data is kept private and secure, using the latest security architecture; equipment is proactively maintained to ensure continued service, at all times.


In addition to our focus on technology responsibility, we also support the Government through our social responsibility achievements and ongoing efforts.  We have a long-standing relationship with the First Nation community, which we actively support through a combination of

    Outreach hiring practices

    Training programs, which are integrated with higher learning institutions, further supported by end-of-program hiring processes

    Apprenticeship programs

    Charitable gifting to the Community, to Elders, and to Children


Our most recent data center project is located on aboriginal lands at Alexander First Nation, and is the largest, fastest growing technology employer in the area, with a majority of employees coming from First Nation communities.

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